Questyle NHB12

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World’s First True Lossless Headphones with MFI certified – Questyle NHB12 delivers studio-quality (the highest resolution lossless)192kHz audio with 0 distortion.  It is a high-resolution audio powerhouse, capable of handling audio files from 16-bit up to 24-bit. This means you can enjoy studio-quality music on the go, with an astonishing 6.5 times more information than standard CDs.

Moreover, it supports the Apple Lossless Audio Codec, the epitome of high-quality audio formats, thanks to its Apple MFi certification. Combined with an integrated DAC and Current Mode Amplifier, NHB12 can provide unparalleled sound quality.

Exceptional Audiophile Sound Quality – Fitted with a high-resolution dynamic driver, our wired headphones Questyle NHB12 utilize lossless compression technology called ALAC which captures the crisp, clean, original studio sound when listening to Apple Music

  • Precision Noise Canceling and Damping – The perfect audiophile headphone for people who want to block out the world, these studio headphones provide precise control over air movement and damping to make every beat clear and vibrant.

  • Comfortable Wearability for On-the-Go Lifestyles – Unlike over-ear headphones that can feel bulky and heavy our lightweight base headphones slip into the ear with seamless wearability and comfort that’s perfect for walking, traveling, and working.

  • Ultra-Low Operating Voltage – Along more efficient than over ear headphones, especially when used as long listening sessions headphones, these earbuds boast a low 2V voltage and 3mA current which reduces power consumption by 50% over TWS earphones.

Sample Rate Indicator: Easily identify the quality of your music with a one-light display for standard lossless quality and two lights for Hi-Res lossless quality.


  • NHB12 Earphones
  • NHB12 MFi Certified DAC/Amp Cable
  • 3.5mm Connector Cable
  • Leather Storage Case
  • Silicone Eartips: SS, S, M, L, LL
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Driver: 10.2mm Dynamic with custom diaphragm voice coil
  • Minimum Working Voltage: 2V
  • Working Current: 3mA
  • Audio Decoding: 192k
  • Ultra Low Distortion: 0.0002%
  • Questyle 365 DAYS Warranty

Audio Data:          PCM44.1-192kHz /16-24 bit
Frequency Range:   20-20000Hz
lmpedance:          42Ω
Working Current:    10mA
Maximum Working Current:  20mA
Connector:            Lightning / 3.5mm Jack
Net Weight:          26g
Length:              1.2m