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Head-fi Review: Questyle M12, Small size, Big sound

Head-fi Review: Questyle M12, Small size, Big sound



1. Stellar balance across the range
2. Doesn't sound digital or processed unlike many of its competitors. Natural and analogue ish sound reproduction
3. Extremely precise. Class leading imaging and detail retrieval. Excellent Separation and layering.
4. Clean, neutral and clinical but not at the expense of musicality
5. Loads of body/meat in the sound. Really difficult to find flaws in midrange, bass and treble
6. Exemplary sibilance control. no shrillness or harshness or glassy edge around the sound
7. POWERFUL. Can run power hungry cans like HD 650 with ease. Auto gain works perfectly but has drawbacks in specific cases that I'll
highlight in the Cons section
8. Excellent heat management. Doesn't get hot at all only slightly warm
9. Zero noise. I have seen reports of issues with usb 2.0 and smartphones but havn't faced no such issue myself
10. SMOL


1. Soundstage can feel a little cramped once you come back from relatively wide sounding sources but nothing deal breaking and barely
noticeable after a while
2. Auto gain system doesn't work properly with low impedance low sensitivity iems (Final and Sony ier series iems to be precise). for
example iems that have 16 ohms impedance but below 100 db sensitivity. All ba and hybrids sound amazing and iems without the
mentioned issue as well. A force gain switch could have solved this niche problem.
3. Lacks wow factor. Won't make you go crazy and head over heels at first listen. Slow charmer
4. Battery hog. I have not faced any compatibility issues myself and it has been perfect from day one but in your system may turn out
otherwise especially in old hardware
5. Provided cables are very stiff. I am using a super flexible short paracord cable instead
This is Questyle's cheapest offering and don't expect it to topple their top tier stuff but Questyle's natural charm is still present here. Highly recommended if you are looking for something very very small yet powerful. I am thoroughly enjoying mine 

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